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Did you know that 27 regional associations in the US and Puerto Rico are solely dedicated to professionals in the promotional products and promotional marketing industry?

Benefits of Joining

Regional Associations are independent nonprofits, ranging in size from 100 to nearly 1,000 companies. Check out these important benefits of joining:

1. Onboarding New Team Members

NWPMA makes onboarding new employees easier than ever.  Let us take some of the burden of Getting to Know the Industry, finding out What’s Trending as well as learning Best Practices through our Tradeshows, Webinars, Town Halls and Sip n’ Learns.

2. NWPMA Coupon Book

Discounts on setups, express shipping, EQP pricing, free samples, and money off on your orders, you will quickly see that utilizing this member benefit can recoup your association annual fee quickly.

3. Get the Lowdown on Professional Development Opportunities You Otherwise Wouldn’t Know About

NWPMA offers professional development opportunities that aren’t open to the public. NWPMA hosts tradeshows, in-person education, and webinars for members only. NWPMA specifically tailors these for people exactly like YOU. Not only will you be learning valuable information and building skills. You’ll be doing it amongst other professionals in your field. It’s a great opportunity to “learn while learning.”

4. Give Your Reputation a Lift Through Industry Associations

When you’re an official member of an association like NWPMA, you’ll want to communicate it to peers, prospects, and customers alike. Include your membership on your email signature, LinkedIn profile, and company website. Doing this, you’re declaring that you take your business seriously enough to spend time outside of office hours to learn more about the industry and participate in improving best practices.

5. Create a Name for Yourself

Have you ever thought you’d be a good leader—but leadership just doesn’t jive with your choice to be a solopreneur?  NWPMA is the perfect place to cultivate that instinct to serve others. NWPMA has a leadership structure, as well as boards and committees, that focus on a particular aspect of the industry, e.g. technology or professional development. Not only will you get the satisfaction of making a positive contribution to your community, your profile will rise in the industry, complementary industries, and the media.

6. Find (Or Be) a Mentor

We all need someone to turn to sometimes. While we’re sure your partner, friends, and mom dispense excellent advice, they are no match for a like-minded business person who’s been there. There’s perhaps no better place to find a professional with years of experience and who’s seen it all than within NWPMA.

7. Have the Voice to Advocate for Your Industry

Are there laws, regulations or policies that prevent your business from growing to its full potential?  Most industries have common issues that affect everyone who operates within that space. Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and NWPMA regularly lobby government on behalf of industry to ensure their interests are protected. By becoming a member, you can be active in those efforts or at least be kept apprised of what is being done on your behalf.

8. Expand Your Network with Like-Minded Professionals

In business, who you know is often as important as what you know. Developing professional relationships with others in your industry is a great way to share ideas, learn best practices and give and receive overflow clients.

9. Learn New Skills and Gain Valuable Professional Experience

You may be a talented salesperson, but do YOU have the business acumen or professional training in the Promotional Product industry to succeed in this business long term. You can become savvier when it came to pricing services, trying new practices, and conducting day-to-day business practices with NWPMA.

10A. Distributors - Invest in your clients education

Inviting your clients to our shows proves to them that you are committed to helping them grow their branding knowledge and get them in touch with the supplier experts for some of the best lines you have access too. Nothing builds a relationship stronger than spending some out of the office time with your key clients

10B. Suppliers – Communication with Distributors

Stay in touch with the challenges that your customers are facing with their clients. Help make your clients look amazing in front of their key accounts by providing extra product and industry knowledge during end user hours at the shows.

Become a member of NWPMA today, enjoy all the benefits and grow your business! 

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