Vicki Ostrom Webinar - New Topia Field Guide
Wednesday, february 15 at 10:00 am PT

Vicki Ostrom, is a futurist, trend editor for SanMar and founder of Trendependent, a collective of curious people looking at how society works. Trend moves brands forward when applied to real life situations. Over the past 20 years, Vicki has learned to OBSERVE and INTERPRET trends and identify how they are ACTIVATED in products.

In this webinar, Vicki will cover what to expect in trends for 2022. 
With our two field guides, SMART Wardrobes and Fresh CHOICE, we'll be looking for solutions for the world's problems and for the new challenges before us in our everyday lives. Each step we take in our NEWTOPIA that we're building together is led by what we hope are a collection of SMART CHOICES.

This is a PPAI Region 5 joint presentation for NWPMA and PMANC. 


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