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        Northwest Promotional Marketing Association

      Our Mission: Creating productive networking opportunities to enhance our members' professionalism and success.

Top Ten Reasons To Join A Regional Association

Did you know that 27 regional associations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico are solely dedicated to professionals in the promotional products and promotional marketing industry? These associations are independent nonprofits, ranging in size from 100 to nearly 1,000 companies. Check out these important benefits of joining:

1.  Key contacts in your own backyard.
Distributors often don’t realize how many suppliers are in their own backyard. Volunteer with your regional association and make these new contacts.

2.  Benefits that save you time and money.
Regional associations offer a robust list of value-added services and benefits like MAS/CAS-approved education sessions, coupon books, shipping discounts, social outings, member newsletters and much more.

3.  Low cost/High ROI.
The cost to join is so affordable, often less than $100 per year, per company; however, the rate of return for meeting one new customer, or generating one new idea is highly valuable.

4.  Networking and peer support.
By making new contacts in your own community, you tap into a great pool for sharing ideas and industry knowledge.

5.  Membership lends credibility and professionalism. 
Alignment with your regional association positions you as a professional in your area.

6.  Tradeshows.
Regional associations host booth and tabletop shows, providing a marketplace in your own community for area distributors and suppliers to meet face-to-face and generate business.

7.  Professional development.
Membership in your regional association opens the doors for professional development through education and exposure to industry leaders and trendsetters.

8.  The association does your homework for you. 
Your regional association serves as a filter for researching and delivering resources and tools from the industry’s national association—PPAI—that are applicable to its members, like industry certification and access to product search tools.

9.  Get to know your competition.
Membership in a regional association gives you the opportunity to get to know your competition on a friendly basis. Share the same concerns and compare notes on business management tools, like software.

10. An opportunity to get involved and help shape the industry.
Volunteering for your regional association gives you a chance to get involved in the issues that will affect your business.

Become a member of NWPMA today, enjoy all the benefits and grow your business!

US Map display of all 27 Regional Associations

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